Happy White Vegan Cheese by Happy Cheeze

Happy Cheeze Vegan CheeseHappy White is a Vegan Camembert style cheese produced by a German company called Happy Cheeze. Made from cashew nuts and containing no artificial ingredients, this is purely fermented, raw, vegan cheese. It is fairly pricey, but you get what you pay for. It is a cut above the standard supermarket bought vegan cheese options, by some distance. This is a little block of cheese heaven. Every last detail is thought about, including the appearance and packaging. If you’ve ever heard someone say they would miss cheese as a vegan, then you really need to share this with them. There is literally nothing to miss.

Happy White, Vegan CheeseThe taste is so authentic, so similar to a traditional dairy based camembert that you could almost fool your friends and family with this. That wonderfully sour cheese taste synonymous with camembert isn’t missing and you’ll definitely smell this one too, although it doesn’t have quite the same pungency as french camembert, you still won’t be disappointed.

This cheese has a creamy texture, with a decent firmness that means the cheese holds its shape relatively well and is a pleasure to serve. The best bit is it actually looks like a proper round of camembert, complete with a nice firm rind. It was very exciting to open and cut into. They have done remarkably well to achieve this standard.

The only problem is the price and availability. At €12. 95 this is going to be one of the special occasion splurges, or a nice gift for your favourite vegan. From the UK your best bet is to order online directly from the friendly folks at Happy Cheeze, but be warned you’ll be stuck with a hefty postage cost of €16. 99 to the UK as well. I suggest teaming up with friends and ordering a bunch of cheeses together to split costs. If you’re in Germany, lucky you. A list of current stockists is available on the Happy Cheeze site, here, and this includes a few stockists in Austria, Switzerland, France and Belgium. I’m hoping to see them supply to UK stores one day soon.

Chorizo 2, Happy CheezeWe were lucky enough to get to sample 2 other delightful cheeses from this company that fully deserve a mention. Their ‘Chorizo’ was my favourite of all of them. It has an undeniably strong smoky, spicy taste that surprised us with how closely it resembles actual chorizo. It has a good, reasonably firm texture, it was delicious with crackers but really stood out when we used it in small chunks with pasta too. I would rate this almost as highly as the Happy White and well worth ordering them together, for very different cheese experiences!

Classic 2, Happy CheezeThe other ‘Classic’ cheese we sampled was a strong cheese, big on flavour, a softer texture than you might expect but it held its shape well when cut. While slightly outshone by the other two, this would be a cheese I would have regularly if I could. I liked the intense ‘cheese’ flavour behind this one.

Back to our favourite and the star of our review, the ‘Happy White’ is an outstanding cheese both in flavour and texture. The only let-down is the price and availability, both understandable from a small artisan company, using only natural ingredients.

Rating for Happy White Cheese:

Taste: 4.5 / 5

Sharpness: 5  / 5

Texture: 5 / 5

Visual Aspect: 4 / 5 

Price: 3 / 5

Available: online at http://www.happy-cheeze.com, throughout Germany and in selected stores in Austria, Switzerland, France and Belgium.

Price €12.95 ( plus postage if bought online )

Keeping Time: this kept in our fridge for about 7 days, we probably should have wrapped it up better as I am sure it would have lasted longer, we missed the last little bit!